The Ferret 500

Avian and Exotic Animal Clinic of Indianapolis

Companion - Totally Ferret
Adolescent - Dr. Brian Mehringer, DVM
Alter - In Loving Memory of Barb & Dennis Burnett
Breeder - Ferret Breeders Network

Albino/DEW -
The Full Nelson Ferretry
Angora - Angora Ferret Enthusiasts
Black Mitt/Black Roan Mitt - Kritter Koncepts
Black Sable -
ECD Decal Shack
Blaze/Panda/Mutt - Faith Pommier
Champagne -
PVO Ferrets
Chocolate - In Loving Memory of Mango Tango
Mitt - In Memory of SHD's McGuigan and SHD's Sid
Passport Required - Middle Earth Ferretry
Point - Woodlands Ferretry
Roan - In Loving Memory of Ralphie
Sable - In
Loving Memory of  Keiko
Shelter -
Ann's Ferret Shelter & Adoption
Super Senior - Three Shires Ferret Rescue & Welfare

FPFR Alumni - In Loving Memory of Pippin Bear

        Showbook - This year we are dedicating our Show Book
to two amazing people who meant the world to so many of us,
Barb & Dennis Burnett.